A collaborative and secure SaaS platform


Collect and share spare part information (SPIR) between all stakeholders for any asset-intensive industry​.

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Poor information quality and data collection

The most significant pain in Supply Chain Management for spare parts, is poor information quality and complicated data collection and assurance processes between customers and suppliers. ​

For 30 years +, a sophisticated excel spreadsheet has been used to collect SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeability Record)  information to manage material information required to develop and operate Assets.

Companies worldwide waste billions of USD annually as a result.​

The Solution

By digitally transforming the SPIR process (I-SPIR™) we have cracked a 30 year old problem that no one has managed to do before. ​

We have built a SaaS solution where data quality of information and collaboration is taken care of. 


Data Quality

Our collaborative SPIR system secures data quality for end users, vendors and suppliers.

For Any Asset
Heavy Industry

I-SPIR is a industry agnostic and can be used successfully across any asset heavy industry.

Reduce Spart Part
Inventory Cost

With trustworthy SPIR-data you are able to control and collaborate about inventory - resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.


We have built a secure and collaborative SaaS platform that solves challenges with collaboration.

For Suppliers

I-SPIR enable direct client communication for suppliers and vendors.

Spreadsheet Free

No need to use complex and error-prone spare part spread sheets.

Clean Existing Data

As part of our AMMS™ we have features to both clean data in the system as well as securing bad data from entering.


The secure and collaborative cloud based solution gives autonomy to a solution earlier dominated by spread sheets.

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