A collaborative and secure SaaS platform


Autonomous Material Management Systems (AMMS) is a collaborative system developed by Smartcube to reduce supply chain waste and improve data quality.


Our ECO-System: AMMS

Companies waste billions of USD because of bad Supply Chain Data. Be smart. Use Smartcube and our AMMS. 

The Solution

By cleaning existing data and securing a high level of data entering your Supply Chain, including a fully collaborative system for spare part management, our Autonomous Material Management System (AMMS) is a fully scalable SaaS solution where data quality is guaranteed. 

Autonomous System

A suite of solutions, working autonomously to secure your Supply Chain Management data.

Standalone Option

You can use our services individually as a stand alone product, or enable the full value of our AMMS.

Clean Existing Data

It is not enough to clean incoming data if your system already is clogged with bad data.

Clean Incoming Data

Secure that your material management systems does not get filled with bad data.


We offer a SaaS based solution that never sleeps, and that works after the most stringent uptime requirements.

Data Quality

Secure useful data for your Supply Chain. AI based system yields accurate and clean data.

Gain Control

Take full control of your supply chain data for material management. Do not leave it to error prone spreadsheets.

Boost productivity

With reliable data and a collaborative system, your entire supply chain will experience a productivity boost.