Our strategic partnerships

The world is filled with brilliant people, great ideas and innovative ideas and technologies, and we are always looking to expand on partnerships that can contribute to our long term goals, technologies and current and future products.

We have partnered with and VREX™ to help bring our industrial solutions to market. Both offer cutting edge digital solutions that work seamlessly with our own portfolio, contributing both to the Smartcube eco system and offering great standalone solutions for other purposes.

Please visit their respective homepages to learn more.

They come highly recommended.


No code,
no problem

Appfarm builds and deploys virtually any automation, IoT, robotics or Supply Chain apps lightning fast – without a single line of code.

In short, it allows you to deploy complex and secure applications across multiple devices, without the need to dwell on technical complexities.

The Smartcube eco system is based on Appfarm's custom no code framework, allowing us to create our own, custom and unique suite of solutions. It is also designed to help us launch additional specialised and cutting edge SCM solutions in the future.

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Take a walk on the virtual side

VREX offers state-of-the-art virtual visualisation  of industrial projects and drawings, from complex BIM models to intricate technical illustrations. Using the latest in network accessible virtual reality technology, they allow for extensive collaboration efforts across companies, regions and industries.

A well founded consensus on technical details among stakeholders is key to successful projects, and by easily transforming complex technicalities to easy-to-use interactive, collaborative environments in real time, VREX can greatly contribute to quality assurance. They also offer some impressive solutions for virtual meeting spaces.

VREX's suite of solutions is a part of Smartcube's product offerings. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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Become a Smartcube partner

We are looking for partners to take our solutions to market to create more efficient, profitable and sustainable supply value chains.

We are primarily looking for partners either involved in or closely associated with asset heavy industries, where there is a strong domain understanding of supply chain management challenges and pain points, offering great incentives and tempting opportunities for all our go-to-market partner companies, entities and entrepreneurs.