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Smartcube was founded on the promise that we should solve a 30 year industry wide challenge in Supply Chain Management. We started our journey developing I-MAT™ and the natural next step was I-SPIR™ to eliminate the use of Excel and spreadsheets for collecting SPIR information (product information in-flow).

By using our 50+ years of in-house experience in the oil & gas business and expertise in SCM, we used our knowledge and experience to re-design the process, and have developed an industry wide and role-based SaaS solution that eliminates the spreadsheets role in SPIR. 

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Smartcube Values

We live after our core values - tightly connected to our name and deliverables. We always want to inspire, to build something better, to help become better everyday and lead by example. Our solutions are autonomous. We are brave and want to challenge the status quo of our industry.  We believe that we can be part of building a better future for Supply Chain management, our company, our clients and in our personal life. We will never cut corners for short term gain. We are bold, daring, challenging - but most of all - trustworthy

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