Autonomous Material Management Systems (AMMS)

Smartcube reduces supply chain waste by combining deep domain knowledge with proven technologies and deliver solutions to improve information quality. 


Spreadsheets are not your friend

For 30 years +, a sophisticated excel spreadsheet has been used to collect SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeability Record) information to manage material information required to develop and operate Assets.

Companies worldwide waste billions of USD annually as a result.​


The Future of Supply Chain:

Rapid disruptive events has become the new normal.

Are you ready to meet this challenge?

Our mission is to resolve your challenges in becoming an innovative and future oriented company within the Supply Chain domain using SMART, autonomous and sustainable solutions.


Our Business Areas

SMART solutions

We have more than 50 years of inhouse SCM domain expertise, supporting Smartcube's delivery of supply chain solutions to our customers.

Virtual Reality Collaboration

Use of VR to enhance your CAD and 3D processes collaboration in combination with the Supply Chain Processes.

Supply Chain Management

Logistics, Master Data Material & Warehouse Management, Contract Management and Procurement.

Information Technology

We have more than 40 years experience in development and operation of software solutions for the energy industry.


What our customers say

"This was one of the most efficient and productive software development projects I have ever participated in. It gave new meaning to the commonly used phrase agile development..."